Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the women of this world.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women I saw at the park the other day — the one who played “fairies” on the playground with her daughter and also to the mom on her phone while her son played in the sand… cause Lord knows we all need a break.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman at Target who survived another tantrum — who yelled at her son and then caught herself and said “sorry” and hugged him. We’ve all been there. Thank you for what you did.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who was eating with her teenage daughter who refused to answer any of your questions. We all hope it’s just a phase. I hope whatever was going on got resolved.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has to wait on tables of families celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend because there are bills to be paid. Your hard work is not overlooked. We celebrate you.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who sent their children to college, watched as they said their vows, and embraced them becoming someone’s “mom” or “dad.” Your baby will forever be your baby.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman sitting in the waiting room for your IVF appointment. I don’t have any words that you haven’t already heard. All I have to say is I am so sorry, and the sadness, anger, frustration, and confusion you have is valid. It’s okay to feel those things.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who is trying hard to communicate with her child — reading countless books, going to treatments and doctor’s appointments, learning sign language. Your deep desire to hear him speak aches my heart. The language that you and your child carry, and the way you understand him like no one else can is humbling and beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who is expecting. I hope your excitement is greater than your fear. There is no manual but we all learn and grow making mistakes along the way.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who recently lost her mother. Maybe she was your hero, someone you aspired to be like. Maybe she was someone you were afraid to become. I’m sorry for your loss.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman protecting her children from the man who they once called “dad.” I pray for your protection and that you will receive the refuge and support you need.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who opened your home to children and teens and loved them like your own. You are making a difference in those important years.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who recently had to say goodbye to their children. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry that disease, violence, and pain exist in our world. I’m putting my hope in a future place where none of those will have an identity.

May we all be granted the wisdom and grace to go through each day with the assurance that we are loved beyond our abilities and our calling as a woman. May we give every woman we see the benefit of the doubt and lend a helping hand instead of judgment. Thank you for the peace you fight for when you wake up every morning.

Happy Mother’s Day.


About The Author: Nina Kim


Nina Kim is the beautiful mother of two wonderful children, Skylar & Zoey Kim. She and her husband David are residents of Santa Clara, CA & they currently serve at West Gate Church. Her fanatical love for chocolate is only outweighed for her love for God, family, and the broken. Nina is a courageous writer who spends her time devoted to raising her two daughters and loving her family. Being a mommy is Nina's full time job, & while her paychecks are in the form of diaper changes and hugs, her heart is to love her family and encourage the church.