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Pastor Del is honored to be thought of for your next event. our team looks forward to serving in the vision that god has given for your next event. please fill out the following form, and we'll be able to respond within two business days.

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Financial Commitment

  • Honorarium: Pastor Del and The Collide run fully on the support and generosity of the Body of Christ. With that said, Pastor Del's heart is to never be a financial burden on the Body of Christ. For regular conferences, services, or events, Pastor Del requires no honorarium. Some churches choose to bless Pastor Del with an honorarium, but there is no required amount that we set for honorariums. We simply ask that you be as generous as possible. However, we do require, that a love offering be received for The Collide and it's outreach endeavors. This love offering is separate from the event's regular offering or tithe. This love offering is to be received at the end of Pastor Del's time of ministry, and 100% of the offering is to be given/directed to The Collide. 
  • Retreats: Pastor Del rarely speaks for retreats, but if he chooses, we do have more restrictive requirements around honorariums. When you fill out the form, based on the amount speaking times, our staff will speak with you directly regarding this. 
  • Travel: The church/organization will cover travel expenses incurred by Pointblank International. These expenses include, but are not limited to:
  • Airfare – The Collide believes in the model set forth by Jesus for His disciples by sending them out “two by two.” Especially because Pastor Del is single, and we hold him to a high standard of accountability, we ask that the host church or organization cover airfare for two. Pastor Del and his team travels by way of Delta Airlines, and we ask that all airfare dates and logistics be confirmed with his assistant before purchase. 
  • Hotel accommodations – The host church or organization is responsible for the lodging for for Pastor Del and his associate. Please keep in mind that Pastor Del is on the road most of the year. His hotel serves as his home, office, & study. With that said, we humbly ask that the hotel be clean & newer. (Some examples would be Marriott Hotels—Courtyard, Residence Inn, Sheraton Hotel, & Holiday Inn). 
  • Meals – Meals & any snacks shall be the responsibility of the host church/organization for both Pastor Del and his associate. Pastor Del prefers to eat out rather than in private residences. His preferred restaurants would have a nice selection of healthy option, as Pastor Del does his best to eat healthy. If you desire to provide snacks; Pastor Del enjoys fresh fruits and veggies or vegan snacks. He's not a big fan of junk food. To drink Pastor Del enjoys coffee (with cream and sugar), and sparkling water.
  • Rental Car/Transportation –If any transportation needed, host shall be responsible.