A Season of Transition


Written on June 9, 2015 by admin in Collide Blog

I want to speak to many of you who have felt like you don’t know where your next step is…

This past month has been exciting but definitely challenging as lots of travel and ministry filled most of my days. Though the days have been long and filled with excitement, I’ve still managed to steal away and spend quality time with the Lord and in this season God is speaking one word clearly for those who are leaders and forerunners in the Body of Christ…


The Lord has spoken to me clearly that 2015 is a year for leaders and forerunners in the Body of Christ. This is year of elevation, promotion, and transition for those who have been faithful in their leadership. Here’s what I sensed from the Lord.

The Lord began to reveal to me that back in 2010 (especially the second half), there was a birthing of many young leaders and movements (The Collide included). In this time I believe many para-church ministries were birth as a sign that this is a new day with a fresh wind pressing in for revival and reformation. If you look at your calendar you’ll notice that you start seeing the rise of particular leaders that seemingly came from nowhere. If you look back at when they began, you’ll see that for many it was in 2010. Now this word doesn’t only apply to them. This applies to every leader and forerunner in the Body.

This is a season of transition. The Lord began to show me a few things that leaders have been struggling with for the last year as God has been preparing them for transition:


  • Frustration – This is not a bad frustration. This is a good frustration. This season has been filled with a lack of satisfaction. Even though others say that you should be ok, you’re not ok. Something in you is desiring for more. It’s like growing pains. There’s frustration in your spirit because your spirit knows that it’s time to go. These spiritual growing pains are going to subside in this next season as you grab ahold to where God’s taking you.

  • Lack of Clarity – It’s not that you don’t have a vision, it’s simply that there’s no clarity to the vision. You’re in a season where God has told you where to go, and you feel some direction towards a particular destiny, but you don’t have the clarity to get there. Your heart has been stirred because you need blueprints. I’ve got good news for you. The blue prints are on the way.

  • Tug of Ambition – One of the things that God has been calling you to fight as a leader in this season is your own fleshly ambitions. One of the greatest testings of a leader is in the area of our desires for greatness. Your greatness is intended to make God’s kingdom greater. I say this to say you have to discern when it’s your own ambition and when it’s the Lord’s ambition in you. I believe God calls us to be great, but it’s for His purposes and not ours. So don’t be afraid if God gives you a large platform, just beware of you becoming the large platform.

  • Greater Vision – In this last season it feels like you’ve been receiving more and more vision. Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense or there’s no direct plan for you to obtain the greater vision, but you know where God’s taking you. Expect your vision for your life, family, and ministry to increase. You thought your dreams were big?! Just wait until you tap into Go’s dream for you. Don’t back away from big vision. God wants you to be audacious in this season.

Don’t worry!!! As we approach this summer of 2015 I believe a new season has come. All of the frustration and lack of open doors are coming to an end. God is sending prophetic voices, dreams, and visions your way. This is going to be a season of incredible encounters with the Lord. They won’t necessarily be dramatic, but they will be life changing.

I believe the Lord wants us in the season to pay attention to divine connections and partnerships. Give more ear to people right around you that are praying for you. Invite intercessors that you know and trust to begin to pray for you and your ministry. Breakthrough is going to come with a team for you in this season.

Pay attention to dreams  and listen to the still small voice of God. God in this season is YELLING the vision but I believe He is whispering the instructions.

The summer time is a time for you to steal away with the Lord. Begin to fast and pray more than you normally do and watch more clarity begin to roll into your life. Allow the Lord to purify your heart and motives NOW, so that you’ll be humbled and prepared for your next season.

“You’re not being dismissed, you’re being reassigned!”

I was in Israel when I began to have a conversation with an intercessor from Kentucky. I told her that God had been speaking to me about this being a transitional year for leaders in the Body of Christ. I told her how God was going to break off discouragement and disillusionment off of leaders who don’t know where the next step is in their life and she responded by saying, “God told me that we are not being dismissed in this season, we are just being reassigned!”

I could have screamed right there. I believe that is a true word from the Lord. I felt such a breakthrough when she said that. So if you’ve been feeling a little discouraged lately because you’re needing to move or higher and things are not working out, you need to begin to declare, “I am not dismissed. I am being reassigned.”

The enemy wants many believers to feel like failures. Like your stretch of ministry meant nothing and you’re heading nowhere. God wants you to know that this transition comes not because you failed at the last season, but because He has a different assignment for you. This transition is not a way of escape from the old, it’s an opportunity for God to use you on a greater level. So dry your eyes and be encouraged. You’re being reassigned, not dismissed.

What do we do when the voice of discouragement seems to be so loud?? WE TURN UP THE WORD OF THE LORD. It’s time to prophecy over yourself. Begin to declare what God has already told you about your future and your destiny in the Kingdom. You may not have it all figured out yet and that’s ok. However much you know, begin to declare it. You’re going to find that the cloudiness, discouragement, and feeling of aimlessness is going to begin to break off. Even as many of you read this now, supernaturally God is removing those negative feelings that have been lingering over your future.

And lastly, the Lord spoke to me to encourage the Body to begin to move in faith. There’s been such a lack of faith, and I believe that God is creating situations in our life where we have to apply a consider amount of faith to see God move in our lives. For most of us where God is taking us is so new and unfamiliar that we have to be ok with throwing our hands in the air saying, “I can’t explain where God is taking me, but I’m ok with it.” Don’t be afraid to make big jumps when it makes no financial or strategic sense. If you feel the leading of the Lord towards a particular way, you need to know that there’s grace for large acts of faith. This includes geographical moves for you and your family. This means ministries might have to shut down. This could even mean breaking off certain relationships or unholy ties with those you’ve been well connected to. This is a time to surround yourself with people who have the kind of faith that scares you!! Don’t be afraid …walk in faith.


This is a good season for you!! A season of Transition…