The mission of Collide is to awaken a generation from the slumber of normalcy by equipping & empowering them to live a radical Christ-Centered lifestyle. Collide’s heart is to raise up radical believers. Collide was started in September of 2010 with a vision to see the hearts of the nominal believers awaken to the things of God. Jesus tells us in John 14:12 that we would do greater things than even He did. If we are to believe that God will use us to do greater things, we must believe that we will AT LEAST be able to accomplish the things that Jesus already accomplished. No matter where we are in our walk Jesus, each heart should long for more.

Back in September of 2010, we gathered a few hundred people in San Francisco, and with a packed house, we worshipped and began to watch God move with incredible power. People were literally saved that  night, along with being healed and restored  back into God’s kingdom. From the point of  that gathering, we realized that what we  needed in our generation a spiritual and  experiential move of God. We have forsaken  the Encountering aspect of our relationship  with God. We must return to seeing God face  to face, and knowing him in an intimate,  and experiential way.

It is clear to us that the Body of Christ is in  need of an awakening. As we pray, we see a  Great Awakening coming to the nations of the earth. We believe that Collide is going to help to stir in four areas in modern day ministry.


  1. Encounter – No matter your denominational background, we should all be able to admit that we are saved partly because we have encountered God in some way. Whether it was through an altar call, the reading of scripture, or a personal visitation, it is a God-encounter that proves His reality.
  2. Identity – In a culture with such confusion in the area of Identity, Collide is here to declare that we are who God says we are. Who we are is only found in knowing whose we are.
  3. Destiny – We long to create a culture where we can fully embrace our calling destiny; realizing that what we do, flows from the place of Identity and who we are. It is not ok that we do not what we are called to do.
  4. Audacity – We have been called to live in boldness and with courage. It will take God-given audacity for us to be able to accomplish all that God has for our generation to accomplish.