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Sex: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - 面面觀“性”

Forerunner Christian Church
39620 Sundale Dr.
Fremont, CA

Save the date. Pastor Del will be hosting a detailed seminar on sex and sexuality in our modern culture. This training is completely free and is open for anyone from the ages of 12 and up. We'll deal with such topics as
Pastor Del將與大家詳細分享,如何從現代文化中正確看待性和性觀念。 此研習會完全免費,適用於12歲及以上的任何人。 討論的話題包涵:

- What the bible says about certain sex acts
- Redefining freedom from sexual sin
- How to stay pure
- Homosexuality
- Understanding mordern sexuality in our culture
- Parenting your children's sexuality from a Godly perspective
- The Sex Talk
- Overcoming sexual addiction
- Redeeming sex in the church
- and much more...

Pastor Del will speak very candidly, from a Biblical perspective, about sex and sexuality. We encourage everyone to attend. Whether you're a parent, student, or inquisitive believer who wants to learn more about what we believe and how we resolve our faith and sexuality, we encourage you attend this jaw dropping class.
Pastor Del將會非常坦白的與大家分享,如何從聖經的角度來看性及性觀念。鼓勵所有12歲及以上的人參加。無論你是父母、學生、還是對於這個話題好奇,想了解更多我們的信仰及如何將信仰和性觀念連結在一起,我們都歡迎您來參加這個研習會。

*Please note, that the topics discussed may not be suitable for some younger ages. Topics of sex will be discussed in a very open, honest, and blunt way.
* 聲明:討論內容將會非常開放、坦白、直接,可能不適合低年齡的孩童。

CHINESE translation will be available.

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