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The Collide Conference: SAN DIEGO


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More than ever, our generation needs a move of God. Quite often, we pray for a revival, but we forget that revival begins with individuals, not a crowd. We need individuals who are revived through an encounter of the Holy Spirit. We’ve invited some of the best speakers and worship leaders to come together in San Diego for a weekend of life changing ministry. This gathering is open to ever color, age, and denomination. This gathering is a call to the hungry to come and be launched into destiny. 


Speakers + Worship Leaders


Pastor Del Augusta is the founder of The Collide, which is a para church ministry that seeks to birth revival in this generation...


Will and his wife are on the leadership team for The Meeting Place TMP, which is a prayer gathering and training center for people who are looking to go deeper in their faith and calling...


Dan Kim is currently a youth pastor in San Diego for LinC Ministry. By the grace of God, he is able to preach the Good News and challenge young people to follow Christ. ..


Ben has been working in the city of Santa Ana for the last 15 years serving some of the cities most at risk communities. For over five years he focused on incarnational ministry living in the same neighborhoods he served. 


Ben currently serves as the Worship Pastor at Eden Tree Church. He has been leading the worship department for both youth and the young adult’s for approximately twelve years. 


Doe Jones is a passionate musical artist and communicator from Shreveport, Louisiana. There, she serves as the Youth Pastor at Shreveport Community Church with Pastors Denny and Deanza Duron. 


Andrea Chung

Andrea and her husband are currently living in Orange County, California.  She is passionate about world missions and education...



Chris has been serving the Lord through music since he was 13 years old.  Fifteen years later, he is still neamored by the privelege of stewarding God's presence here on Earth. 


Friday May 4, 2018

7pm: General Session 1 - Encounter 

Saturday May 5, 2018

10am-12pm: General Session 2 - Identity  

12pm - 2pm: Lunch 

2pm - 2:45pm: General Session 3 - Destiny 

3-3:45pm: Workshop 1  

4-5pm: Workshop 2 

7pm - 10pm: General Session 4 - Audacity  



United Methodist Church

6701 Convoy Court

San Diego, CA  92111



What is the age group for this conference?

The Collide is incredibly diverse. There is honestly no particular age group for any of conferences. We have students as young as 11 years, as well as people 70 years old registering for our conference. This conference is not geared toward any particular age demographic. 

How much does this gathering cost?

FREE. Our gatherings are always completely free. Although registration is required, there is no fee. 

How can I help promote for this conference?

Visit our promo page by clicking here and help us to promote. 

How can I volunteer at this event?

When you register, you will see that there will be a question asking if you’d like to register. If you’d like to register, just let us know in your registration. 

Is there childcare available?

Normally we offer childcare, but at this particular gathering, we expect the need for childcare to be low, so we will not have childcare. 

How can The Collide host these conferences for free?

Although we offer the conference free for registrants, it is not free for us. The budget for our gatherings are typically more than $20,000. We need your help. If you would like to partner with us, please visit and make a donation to help us to continue the move of God through our ministry. 



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