September 5, 2010 - First Collide Gathering

September 5, 2010 - First Collide Gathering

Where We Started

Back in September of 2010, we gathered a few hundred people in San Francisco, and with a packed house, we worshipped and began to watch God move with incredible power. Eddie James led us in a powerful time of worship, and Del Augusta led us in an incredible time of ministry. People were literally saved that night, healed, and restored back into God’s kingdom. From the point of that gathering, we realized that what we needed in our generation a spiritual and experiential move of God. We have forsaken the Encountering aspect of our relationship with God. We must return to seeing God face to face, and knowing him in an intimate, and experiential way.

Where Are We Now

In January of 2016 we discontinued the majority of our conferences and gathering, and we felt led to begin monthly worship gatherings here in the San Francisco Bay Area. God put on our heart to focus on our home region and raise up a community of revivalists. Since that time we seen hundreds saved and delivered. These meetings produced verified miracles like cancer, epilepsy, and even death. It was during these gatherings that our community began to develop locally, and now we find ourselves at the next stage of our journey. And now we fill that it’s time to build a more consistent family in the form of a church.

Where are we going

In short, we will have more information as time goes on, but on September 6, 2020, we will officially launch weekly Sunday service for Collide City Church in the city of Fremont, CA!