Michelle Salviejo

For almost 12 years, Michelle has been serving the Lord, choosing to dedicate her life to see a radical generation of lovers raised up to fulfill their destiny. Michelle wasn't born into a Christian family and after years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, she was ready to end her life at 16. But then God intervened, He took her brokenness and made it beautiful. For 7 years, she ministered to the broken hearted in the greater New Jersey and New York City area, seeing miraculous signs and wonders everywhere she preached the Gospel. While pursuing her Graduate degree in Christian counseling at Nyack Theological Seminary, God called Michelle to leave everything behind and follow Him to California. She counted the cost and realized that radical love calls for radical obedience. For the past 5 years, Michelle has been serving as the Youth Minister at Forerunner Christian Church. Her ministry philosophy has always been to stop and care for the one as He has loved and cared for her. Michelle’s dream is to see a generation set free to love God fully and obey Him completely. w