Hosting A Conference

Part of our calling here at The Collide is to host gatherings, conferences, and seminars to help the wider Body of Christ to come into a dramatic encounter with Jesus. With that said, we’ve hosted conferences all over the world. These conferences are a tremendous blessing to the local churches, and they provide a platform for individuals to attend and have their lives completely transformed by the power of God. 

In order to host conferences and gatherings around the world, it takes lots of finances, partnerships, prayer, and planning. We love partnering with local churches to accomplish our mission for these gatherings. Through our strategic host church partners, we’ve been able to have gatherings that successfully change lives. 

To be able to host a conference or gathering for The Collide, the host church must be able to provide the following: 

  1. Must be able to provide an atmosphere of freedom, where the Holy Spirit is not restricted by time or contrast theology
  2. Must be able to provide a building that can sit the agreed number of attendees 
  3. Must be able to provide workers to help make the administration of the conference a success
  4. Must have a similar DNA and passion as The Collide
  5. Must be able to help accommodate with food and housing preparations for The Collide team. This general is about 10 people (mix of female and male). 

Everything we do with The Collide is through relationship. We love to partner with churches that we have minister at before, and have on going relationship. The best way to host The Collide, is to first invite our team to minister for your church, and build relationship. 


If you are interested in possibly hosting a gathering or conference with The Collide, please email us at