Doe Jones

Doe Jones is a passionate musical artist and communicator from Shreveport, Louisiana. There, she serves as the Youth Pastor at Shreveport Community Church with Pastors Denny and Deanza Duron. She currently travels around the world singing, speaking and inspiring people to deepen and strengthen their relationships with the Lord.  Beneath her ministry and calling as an individual lies the foundation of her family, foreverJONES. Doe, her parents, and her four brothers and sisters all travel together and minister as a family band. To date, foreverJONES has been nominated for 2 Grammys, 6 Stellars, and 4 Dove Awards. Although they have seen much success over the years, their hearts collectively desire to see families transformed, changed, and restored by their testimony, the power of God’s presence and prayer.  Doe has resolved in her heart to use every gift she possesses for the Glory of Jesus Christ.