presence driven

We are a community who prioritizes the presence of God. The presence of God drives our corporate church body, and our individual personal lives. The presence of God is everything for us.



We are a community of authentic believers who intentionally strive to create a diverse community. We come from different socio-economic, ethnic, and church/unchurched backgrounds. We are family.



We are a community with a passion and love for the word of God. We believe that the Bible is our ultimate authority and we are guided by God’s Holy Word. We are not just passive readers of the Bible, rather we come with a great passion to study and understand God’s word.



Global + Local = Glocal

We are a community reaching the lost for Christ both locally and internationally. Whether it’s our local elementary school, or the alleys of Eastern Europe, our hearts are to make Jesus famous to he lost everywhere.



We are a community of generous people. With our time, talents, and resources, we give generously. We don’t give because of what we can receive in return. We give because we are blessed to be a blessing