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The Collide Gathering with Brother Yun

  • Forerunner Christian Church 39620 Sundale Dr. Fremont Norway (map)

Come hear the testimony of a Chinese house church leader share his incredible true story of imprisonment, torture, miracles, healings, and escape.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the church of Acts? Come hear that it is still alive and well in persecuted nations around the world. You will also hear the vision God has given to the Underground House Churches in China. Hear news from countries like North Korea, Iraq and Iran that you will never hear about on mainstream media. What is possibly the largest revival in the history of the world, is turning into what some are calling the largest mission movement the world has ever seen.

How will our world change, as courage’s house church believers target Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu countries with the love of Jesus? This is an evening, you will not want to miss.

About Bro. Yun


Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man) was born in February 1958 in the province of Henan. His original name was Liu Zhenying (刘振营).

Brother Yun became a believer at the age of 16. Soon after he became a Christian, God called him to be His witness in the west and south. As he was obedient to the calling, he eventually became a witness of Christ not just in the western and southern parts of China, but throughout China and in the nations beyond China as well.

Brother Yun was born into a poor family. His family’s financial situation took a turn for the worst when his father became ill with an asthmatic condition that led to lung cancer eventually. His life got worse when he became a Christian as he suffered severe trials and persecutions. In the midst of suffering for the Lord, however, he experienced miracle after miracle, which helped to strengthen his faith.